The debut self-titled record (released 2017) is a concept-album which invites the listener out for drinks with the band and their friends, at a beloved local spot in the San Fernando Valley Bar One. As alcohol lubricates their conversations, they discuss heartbreak, college, capitalism, family, and attempt to define ambiguous-yet-common words like "love" and "happiness".


1. (Intro)

2. Just the Same

3. Thursday Night

4. Clown

5. Odd Couple

6. There Is That

7. Blindside


8. //

9. - -:- - (No Time)

10. Find Another Way

11. Touch

12. In the Morning

13. Bar Sighs

14. (Outro / Water)



Following the unexpected death of Josh's uncle Pete, the band released an emotional, diary-esque record about grieving and remembering. The record cover is a picture of Pete on his 9th birthday, in his family's backyard.


1. Youngest Son

2. Permanent Now

3. Holding To (Prelude)

4. Holding To


5. Close Your Eyes

6. Teeth

7. Embrace (Prelude)

8. Embrace

9. (Pete's Guitar)

After Josh's break up with a long-term girlfriend, the band released a pair of dark singles covering a complicated mix of pain, loss, lust, jealousy and ennui

1. Sunken City

2. Strangers


Before the band Others, Alan, Alonso, and Josh were part of a larger band The Aeons. Their experimental / progressive song "Rhumba" was a fan-favorite.

In the interim of writing/recording Others' next full length record, the band decided to properly record and re-write lyrics to "Rhumba" and release it as a single. 

"I felt sort of worthless. Mid-20s, didn't have a good paying job, had trouble warding off bad habits like: craving my ex-GF, wasting time and slacking on my creative outlets, not sleeping enough, smoking. I felt like quitting everything -- and feared turning into the all-day-in-bed depressed type that becomes a burden on everyone around him. The song is hopeful in that I affirm to myself I'm not my history, my worth comes from what I believe, and every day I can choose to be a new person.

Hence, the transformation motif / butterfly."